Peru Geisha 200g

Peru Geisha 200g

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Peru Geisha Fairtrade Organic

How to describe this amazing coffee - it's the most complex, distinctive, floral, sweet, and fruity coffee we've roasted. Other roasters have described it as 'otherworldly' and having 'outlandish cup qualities'; it has an intoxicatingly floral aroma that bursts with juicy tropical and citrus fruits.  We can honestly say the plaudits are correct. Truly special.

We have sourced these beans from the same producer using both natural and washed processing methods. Our personal favourite is the naturally processed with its complex umami flavours complimenting the floral notes, but the washed version will suit anyone who prefers a cleaner, softer and fruitier flavour.

Geisha @ Preciousdropcoffee

Grower: Coopchebi Cooperative
Region: Chanchamayo
Altitude: 1500 meters above sea level
Variety: Geisha
Process: natural
Cupping notes: jasmine aroma, sweet plum, strawberry and honey flavour, with a sweet citrus aftertaste.

Geisha beans are the most prized variety in the world and this naturally processed selection from the Coopchebi Cooperative in Peru is truly unique.

Best brewed using soft or cold-brew methods - filter is fantastic - the Geisha is grown in a naturally forested, biodiverse ecosystem where companion planting, canopy shade, and an abundance of insects and birdlife contribute to the unique, full-flavoured organic coffee bean.

Geisha is expensive because the seed stock is not readily available in most coffee-growing regions and it's not a particularly hearty plant.  Little is known about the origins of Geisha and while there's speculation that it was from an Ethiopian town called Gesha, this hasn't been verified.

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