Sumatra Kokowagayo 200g

Sumatra Kokowagayo 200g

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Sumatra Kokowagayo Fairtrade Organic

This Sumatran beauty, produced by an all-women cooperative, has a massive kick.  If you're after a morning pick me up - or an afternoon one - this heavy hitter will do the trick. 

Kokowagayo @ Precious Drop Coffee 

Region: Gayo Mountain, Bener Meriah, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Sumatra
Co-operative: Kokowagayo
Founded: 2014
Number of members: 551 (a women-only cooperative across all levels of production)
Total annual production: 612 metric tonnes
Total production area: 482 hectares
Grade: Grade 1
Varietal: Catimor Jaluk, Gayo 1 (Arabusta TimTim), Gayo 2 (Bourbon), S. Lini, P88
Process: Semi-Washed (Wet-Hulled), sun-dried
Altitude: 1200 – 1800 meters above sea level
Aroma: Earthy
Acidity: Medium Acidity
Body: Strong
Tasting notes: cocoa, tobacco, earthy, sweet, smooth, and balanced
Certification: Fairtrade and Organic

Founded in 2014, KOKOWAGAYO is committed to developing women’s ability in the industry, providing exposure in the International market, and supporting women's well-being. The name KOKOWAGAYO is an abbreviation of Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo (Gayo Women Coffee Cooperative).

KOKOWAGAYO is located in Bener Meriah, one of the three regencies comprising Gayo Mountain Plantation. Bener Meriah, also known as The Land of White Elephant, is the natural habitat for elephants in the area.  Centuries of experience of the Gayo people in plantations means they can transform coffee parchment, coffee pulp, leaves, stalk, and manure into organic fertiliser. Thanks to the high growing altitude and the shade of the trees, the coffee ripens slowly allowing cherries to develop their full flavour. Once entirely ripened, the cherries are carefully handpicked, pulped, and naturally fermented before being washed and finally graded.